Friday, February 1, 2008

Pinay Scandal

The "Pinay Scandal" is one of the most search key phrase in the internet search engine. This term was used to search and dig out some celebrity sex scandal, sex video,filipino sex scandal,pinay sex video and other related things that may be categorized as scandal, but the trend is that, most of the web surfers really believes that pinay scandal always accompanied by sex actions, whether it was taken in a hidden cam or just accidentally done.

The year 2007 was one of the most controversial year for some of Filipina Celebrities, who can forget the controversial Angel Locsin Scandal?, Palmolive Palma Scandal and the Angelica Panganiban Scandal?. These so-called sex scandal of pinay celebrities really shocks the entire country and a lot of people go over to the net just to find this stuff. Well for this matter, its all just a product of putting down someones's dignity this pinay scandal is not really true.

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Luningning: One of the hottest and sexiest Filipina Dancer

One of hottest and sexiest dancers of ASF dancers is Leah Carla or better known as Luningning. This young Sexy Filipina dancer gives a hot and sexy moves when it comes to dancing. In the Pasalog portion of the noontime show of Willie Revillame "Wowowee" she did some exciting moves with a sexy costumes that most of the studio viewers or even the televiewers give a pretty much attention while she is dancing.

Here is one of the video of Luningning during their US tour together with the whole staff and host of Wowowee. Witnessed how she impressed the Filipino people or even foreigners wathching the show.

Filipina Sexy Dancers: Sexbomb vs. EB Babes Dance Showdown

Filipina beauties is one of the most talented people in the world. Not only we're popular on singing,acting or modelling but dancing is also a great talent that a Filipina be proud of. Nowadays a variety show could not be completed without the presence of the sexy dancers that gives more excitement on the show. One of the most popular Filipina ssexy dancers is the Sexbomb dancers, they popularize the song "spaghetti" and also provide a great influence on the dance craze, they are popular on their dance signature "Awwwwwwww" while making the hot sexy moves dance.

Today not only the Sexbomb dancers were making up into the dance floor, but there is also an emerging sexy group dancers known as EB Babes. They can be seen on the noontime show Eat Bulaga, they can give you an entertaining moves when it comes to dancing. This sexy dancers established a rivalry to the other sexy dancers group which most of the televiewers wanted to see and witness a dance showdown between the most talented and sexy Filipina sexy dancers.

On this video witness the showdown between the two sexy group dancers, they will compete on one of the most popular dance jingle "Itaktak Mo" give your opinion who among them give the best moves and be considered as the "Itaktak Mo" best dancers.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Sexy Actress:Anne Curtis Photo Gallery

One of the promising star right now in the movie industy is the young sexy star Anne Curtis. she is so fasninating with her killer smiles and sexy body. Acting is not only a top priority for the young star but modelling is also her concern for her career. She did some endorsement for some products, especially in the one of the leading liquor brand in the country. The sexy filipina Anne Curtis did a lot of projects in the ABS-CBN Kapamilya network, one of the highlights of her career is when he played the role of Imang in the "Kampanerang Kuba" which give a high rating for the said network that time.

When it comes to the lovelife of the pinay beauty Anne Curtis, she is rumored having relatiosnhip with one of the matinee idol of the new generation, Sam Milby but still there is no confirmation about it. They work together on the telenovela " Maging Sino Ka Man" together with the hottest loveteam of today's era John Loyd Cruz and young actress Bea Alonzo. They developed a good chemistry on the said program which televiewers gave a high response for the teleserye.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sexy Cristine Reyes: August 2007 FHM Cover Girl

The sexy young star is the August 2007 cover girl of the highly rated sexy magazine, the FHM.This is a big break for Cristine Reyes to show to the people that she has also the potential to be one of the top model for the said men's sexy magazine. Take a look on the photos and the video of the GMA young talent that shows how sexy she is and and witness how she can capture the attentions of every guy sorrounds her. Cristine Reyes has just recently launch her first solo movie last week.

Cristine Reyes may now be consider as one of the talented sexy actresses of the country, just like her older sister Ara Mina, there are lots of project waiting for her. The sexy pinay talent is now matured for her role on the movie as well as the way she carried herself especillaly on the intrigues that threw for her. Watch for this pinay beauty because he will rock you for this coming days.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Pinay Beauty Angel Locsin: Sex Video Scandal

The rumored video sex scandal of Filipina sexy stars Angel Locsin that shocks the fans and the entire industry of showbiz world will now be closed and put into junk. A week ago there are lot of speculation that the girl doing sex with his partner was Angel Locsin that spreads out on the market but it was denied by the former FHM Pinay cover girl that she is the one on the video. I cant do that such immoral thing, I knew it is just a matter of putting down my career in connection with my transfer to the Kapamiya Network, according to the young sexy star in an interview.

"They want to destroy me, im really affected with this Im tired of expalaining about it and now they want to tell people that im liar, she added". But because of the pursuing effort of some concern persons to save the credibility of Pinay sexy actress it was disovered that the lady on the said video is a Thai star that turns into porn star in the name of Natt Chanapa. The said sexy star was really look a like by our very own pinay beauty Angel Locsin that gives the public a doubt about the scandal.

On this situation the kapamilya star Angel Locsin is very happy of the said development. " Im veryhappy about it, that the true story behind this scandal was finally revealed, although it creates a lot of emotional distress on my part but I wont file a case for those who spread out and responsible for this but if they will continue doing that, well maybe I will take the proper actions to give some lessons for these unethical people, according to the Filipina celebrity.

Pinay in Bikinis: Watch the Filipina Beauties in Boracay

Boracay is one of the tourist destinations in the Philippines it is located in the Visayas Region in Aklan. Every summer thousands of tourist both local and foreign visited the white sand beach. It is usually the destinations of some Filipina Actresses and actors for their vacations. It also the best location for some sexy pictorials for Filipina Sexy models that featured in some of the leading sexy magazines in the country such as FHM, Maxim, YES and a lot more.

Philippines is not only a land of beautiful places and tourist destination but it also the land of beautiful and sexy ladies. Take a look on the video the viw of this paradise and all the sexy Filipina women that having fun there. See how they enjoy the great place and also discover how charming and fascinating the Filipina beach babe of Boracay.